Napoleon III and the fall of the Empire led many Frenchmen to exile in England! Our great-grandfather, Paul Michel Louis DEVILLERS, has been a part of it!

Paul Michel Louis DEVILLERS was born on Sunday, November 7, 1847, in Paris (11Th) son of Charles Dominique, replacer, and Amélie Charlotte poacher.

His father died on Tuesday, June 12, 1849, in Paris (10Th). Amélie Charlotte, her mother, summons a family council at the end of which Pierre "Edouard" DEVILLERS, bookseller in Mulhouse (68) is appointed subrogator-tutor. He attended the remarriage of his mother with Pierre Etienne Auguste CHOCAT on Thursday, January 15, 1852, in the parish of Saint-Roch in Paris.

Napoleonic ? Surely, because Paul Michel Louis gets married on Sunday, June 16, 1872 in Southampton, district of Hampshire (England), with Georgina WELCH. She was born on Wednesday, June 20, 1849 in Salisbury, Wiltshire (England), daughter of Edwin Charles and Ann SAPLIN.

A little geography lesson ? Salisbury ! Salisbury is a town located in the Wiltshire District of England, a few kilometers from Stonehenge... It has an exceptional Gothic-style cathedral that makes it a tourist attraction as well as that of the Stonehenge site.

Southampton! Salisbury is a port town in Hampshire, England. It was heavily bombarded by German planes during the Second World War.

The distance between the two communes is about 30 kilometers.

A little history lesson ? After his defeat in front of the Prussians and the capitulation at Sedan (Ardennes), then the events of the commune, Napoleon III went into exile in England, causing all those who supported him to follow him. Hence, to think that a reason for the presence of Paul Michel Louis in England is that of exile to follow Napoleon III... There is only one step to be taken: it is still necessary to find the certainty !

Another reason could have been that of the leak as a Communard. There it is more complicated because the latter were only pardoned well after. Paul Michel Louis could not have been in France for the birth of his son in 1874 without risking a heavy prison sentence! We must also look on this side, never know... Anyway, Paul and Georgina are in France in 1874. Georgina gives birth to a boy, Charles Georges, on Monday, January 19, 1874 in Paris, in the 5th. Another son, Maurice Paul, is born on January 29, 1884 in Paris (18th).

Georgina dies on Tuesday, November 24, 1885 in Paris (9th). After this death, Paul Michel Louis will marry twice: on sunday June 26, 1901, at Le Perreux-sur-Marne (94) with Clara Adrienne ROUGET, then on tuesday June 27, 1911 in Paris (11th) with Hortense GIRARD.

Paul Michel Louis DEVILLIERS died on November 27, 1925 in Paris (3rd).

A little irony ? Charles Georges, son of Paul Michel Louis exiled to England following the capitulation to the Prussians in 1870, married on Tuesday, March 9, 1897, in Paris (16Th), Rosalie Marie Jeanne HICKENBICK. The latter was born in Paris (16Th) on Thursday 23 April 1874, daughter of Dominique, born in Gundoslheim, in the Haut-Rhin, and Madeleine WEBEL, born in Wittisheim, in the Bas-Rhin. The parents of Rosalie Marie Jeanne were married in Paris (16Th), Tuesday, December 16, 1873. They were surely part of the Alsatians who had left their region because it had become possession of the Germans. This war of 1870 will therefore have "hunted" from Paris, our great grandfather in England and "welcomed" in Paris, our other great-grand-father Alsatian !